10 Top Non-Trivial Places in Paris

10 Top Non-Trivial Places in Paris

10 Top Non-Trivial Places in Paris

Paris is famous for its well-known landmarks, yet there are also several hidden gems in the city that are worth visiting. This guide points out ten distinctive spots in Paris, giving a new view on the City of Light. Before diving into these intriguing sites, let’s discuss the best way to get around.

Getting Around Paris: Transfer Tips

Moving around Paris might be difficult. Public transport works well and taxis give comfort, though they cost a lot, so arranging for a car service beforehand makes things easier. AtoB airport transfers Paris provide a dependable service. When you book your transfer in advance, it ensures that your journey will be on time and without stress, unlike the uncertainty with public transportation or paying for expensive taxi fares.

The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

In the Marais area, there is a museum that mixes together hunting and natural world with artistic works and unusual items. It has a varied collection of displays that includes paintings from the 17th century as well as polar bears. The blend of natural history and artistic interpretation makes for an intriguing visit.

The Sewer Museum (Musée des Égouts)

Would you like to explore Paris’s hidden side? The Sewer Museum gives a special view into the underground parts of the city. As you walk in these tunnels, you understand more about the great engineering that makes Paris work well. It is very interesting even if it smells a little bit.

The Albert Kahn Museum and Gardens

In the western suburbs, you find a museum and its gardens that give a peaceful place to relax. Albert Kahn, who was both a banker and someone who took photographs, made these gardens to show the different places he had seen on his trips. In the Japanese landscapes and also in English gardens, every part is sharing a different tale, giving us a sanctuary filled with plants.

The Catacombs of Paris

Under the streets of Paris, there is a system of passageways filled with bones from six million individuals. These Catacombs present an attraction that is both somber and captivating. Going down into this underground place of bones, you meet with a dark part of history. Who might these individuals have been? What stories do their bones tell?

La Pagode

La Pagode cinema is inside a real pagoda from the 19th century and it’s very unique. They show movies in a beautiful place, with design like Japanese buildings and a peaceful garden that makes watching films there as interesting as the movies.

The Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

People who like supernatural things can find a museum about vampire myths and other beings. It is in someone’s house, giving a strange feeling, with objects, books and strange things to see. Are you brave enough to delve into the lore of the undead?

The Promenade Plantée

Changing unused railway lines into a garden path, the Promenade Plantée was there before New York’s High Line. The park is raised up and goes from Bastille to Bois de Vincennes, providing a green space away from the city crowds. Stroll through the trees, appreciate the statues, and think about how clever it is to give old structures a new purpose. Keep in mind that using a transfer service is the best way to arrive.

Le Louxor Palais du Cinéma

Le Louxor is more than a typical movie theatre. Constructed in 1921 and designed with an Egyptian style, it stands as both a landmark of history and a masterpiece of architecture. Following a careful renovation, it now provides an updated movie-watching experience but still keeps its initial allure. How frequently does one have the chance to view a movie in a palace that once belonged to a pharaoh?

The Musée de l’Érotisme

Situated in the Pigalle area, this museum is dedicated to examining human sexuality by means of artistic expression. It’s not suitable for people who are easily embarrassed but provides an insightful view on erotic art and its historical significance. The museum takes you on a thought-provoking journey through seven floors of provocative exhibits.


Established in 1831, Deyrolle is a shop for taxidermy that resembles a Victorian museum. It specialises in animals set up on display, insects and plant samples; visiting it feels like being in a dream. As you walk inside Deyrolle, it feels like entering the pages of a book about natural history because each turn shows something amazing.

Paris has much more to give than just its famous places and reliable transfer services. Every spot in the city reveals a new side, telling stories of its deep history and variety of cultural backgrounds. The next time you are in the City of Light, we suggest trying some different places that are not so common. Bon Voyage mes amis!