5 Things You Shouldn’t Skip When Travelling to Bali

5 Things You Shouldn't Skip When Travelling to Bali

5 Things You Shouldn’t Skip When Travelling to Bali

Any discussion about Bali is never going to be a short one as there are numerous things to talk about. Everyone raves about the beaches, the mighty temples, and the lush rice fields, and rightly so! You’ll never run out of things to do on this magical island, but here are five things you absolutely should do when you travel to Bali. 


There are two active volcanoes in Bali – Mount Agung and Mount Batur – but there are other mountains you can climb and hills where you can trek. Hiking to see the sunrise at Mount Batur remains popular as the terrain is flat, so it’s easy to reach the summit. Alternatively, if you want a real challenge, head to Mount Agung or Mount Batukaru to test your physical strength. Mind you, hiking to these mountains requires a guide, especially at Mount Agung (which is considered sacred by the Balinese) and Mount Batukaru. 

Here are some other alternatives if you’re not too keen on mountain climbing:

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud: perfect for a stroll among the lush greenery. It takes about an hour, and it’s better to venture out in the morning or afternoon as it can be scorching hot during the day
  • Tegallalang or Jatiluwih: enjoy a trek along the rice fields, something you can’t do at all in the West as you can only find subak – a layered terrace of rice fields – in Bali


Sounds fun, right? Because it IS fun! The island’s waterfalls are underrated in Bali compared to the famous beaches, which is precisely why you should go waterfall hopping in Bali. The first tip is to locate the waterfalls within one area; you don’t have to jump from one waterfall in the north to another in the south. Planning is your best friend, so do this meticulously. 

Here are some examples of waterfalls in Ubud to explore:

  • Kanto Lampo: famous for its layered boulders, this is the one waterfall you need to go to
  • Tegenungan: only a short ride from Ubud with easy access to the waterfall, you’ll definitely have fun here
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall: make sure you get here early in the morning to snap some Instagram-worthy photos

There are still many waterfalls in Bali that you can plan on hopping, but don’t forget to wear proper shoes and check the weather!


Are you tired of all of that trekking and riding a motorbike? Then you need to have a massage. Bali is also known to have world-class spas and numerous spa treatments are dotted across the island. There is no better way to relax your muscles than to have a proper massage or foot reflexology. You’ll feel recharged and refreshed thanks to the highly skilled therapists and scent of natural oils. 

There are many reputable wellness spas in Bali, especially in Sanur. These are some of the best massage salons in Sanur:

  • Glo Spa: with several branches across the island, Glo Spa is one of the most reputable spas in Bali
  • The Nest Beachside: this is the best way to relieve your tense muscles while enjoying the sea views of Sanur 
  • Spa at Maya: having your massage here is the epitome of luxury. One customer said, “It’s the most amazing massage!”

These spas in Sanur offer signature massages besides the famous treatments like Balinese or hot stone massage. Don’t go to shady massage parlours tucked away on the street. Go to the real and trusted spas and wellness centres. 


One of the most compulsory things to do in Bali is, of course, to catch the sunset. What’s the point of being in Bali without witnessing the sun slowly disappearing on the horizon surrounded by golden colour? Watching the sun go down is the simplest thing anyone can do in Bali. There are multiple spots where you can just sit with a beer in hand and wait for the day to turn into night. 

These are some of the spots where you can get your dose of sunset views in Bali:

  • Beach clubs: beachfront areas in Uluwatu, Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta where you can swim, lounge on a chair, and sip your favourite cocktails while witnessing the sunset if you feel fancy
  • The beach: the simple approach is to bring your beach sarong to sit (for free!) and buy drinks at a nearby beachside café. Your afternoon is sorted!
  • Beachside cafés: the middle ground where you can still enjoy some cold drinks and snacks and catch the sunset without breaking the bank

Whatever the choices you make, there is no right or wrong when it comes to watching the sunset in Bali.


Holidaying in Bali is not only about nature or dancing your night away at the clubs. It can also be about your spiritual journey. Every May, there is an annual Bali Spirit Festival full of meditation, yoga, and healing programs. Even without the festival, you can still go to many yoga studios or retreats for a spiritual journey and to learn more about your inner self. 

Visit one of these yoga studios where you can get more information about their programs:

  • Yoga Barn: this iconic yoga studio is more than just a place to do yoga, since you can also get a massage, acupuncture, or even an astrology reading!
  • The Istana: facing the majestic Indian Ocean in Uluwatu, you’ll be guaranteed to feel peace flowing down your body in this mesmerising yoga studio
  • Canggu Serenity: the best place to calm yourself in Canggu among the hustle and bustle of the area 

Yoga and meditation are personal journeys, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a pro, attending one of these studios is worth trying when you’re in Bali. 

Bali cannot be pigeonholed into one thing, as the island offers a variety of activities to consider. These five examples are the ones you absolutely must do during your trip to Bali, as they represent the perfect mixture of fun, nature, and spirituality – the three things that Bali does best. So book your ticket to Bali and pack your suitcase!