Five of The Best and Weirdest Hotels in Italy

Five of the best and weirdest Hotels in Italy

Five of The Best and Weirdest Hotels in Italy

Italy is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. But it also has some of the most unusual and unique hotels in the world. Whether you want to sleep in a cave, a castle, a chocolate-themed room, or a trullo, you will find something to suit your taste and curiosity in Italy. Here are five of the weirdest hotels in Italy that you can stay in for a memorable experience.

1. Castello di Petroia, Mengara

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like royalty? You can find out by staying in a castle hotel. Castello di Petroia is a historic site composed of several medieval buildings around a 12th-century castle, located between Gubbio and Perugia. The castle was the birthplace of Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino in the 15th century.

The rooms have antique furniture, wood-beam ceilings, and old prints or paintings from the 18th century. You can enjoy the scenic views of the countryside, the outdoor pool, the restaurant, and the guided tours of the castle. Castello di Petroia is an ideal place to soak up the history and charm of Italy.

2. Etruscan Chocohotel, Perugia

If you are a chocolate lover, you will not want to miss the Etruscan Chocohotel, the first hotel in the world dedicated to chocolate. The hotel is situated in Perugia, a vibrant walled hill town with Etruscan origins in Umbria. The hotel has a chocolate theme throughout, with a restaurant that offers a Choco-Menu, a choco store, and three floors of chocolate-themed rooms (the Milk Chocolate Floor, the Gianduja Floor, and the Dark Chocolate Floor).

The rooms have Etruscan-inspired frescoes, chocolate-colored walls, and chocolate-shaped pillows. You can also enjoy the chocolate workshops, the chocolate fountain, and the chocolate spa. The Etruscan Chocohotel is a sweet treat for your senses.

3. Sassi Hotels, Matera

The Sassi zone of Matera, in southern Italy, is a fascinating city of cave-houses and churches carved out of soft tufa that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city dates back to the Paleolithic era and has been inhabited continuously for over 9,000 years. Some of the caves have been refurbished and modernized and turned into hotels or vacation apartments.

You can stay in one of these Sassi hotels and experience the unique atmosphere of living in a cave, with all the comforts of a modern hotel. The caves have private baths, internet, air conditioning, and heating. You can also explore the city and its many attractions, such as the rock churches, the museums, and the ancient cisterns. Sassi hotels are a great way to discover the history and culture of Matera.

4. Trulli Hotels, Alberobello

Trulli are unique architectural structures with conical roofs found only in southern Italy, mostly in the Puglia region near Alberobello. They are made of dry stone without mortar and have a circular base and a pointed top. They were originally built as temporary shelters or storage units, but later became permanent dwellings.

The Trulli zone of Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has over 1,500 trulli. Some of them have been converted into hotels or vacation rentals, where you can stay and enjoy the rustic and cozy atmosphere of these traditional buildings. The trulli have handcrafted furniture, original features from the 16th century, such as wood-beamed ceilings and terracotta floors, and some have fireplaces or jacuzzis. Trulli hotels are a charming and authentic way to experience the rural life of Puglia.

5. Lupaia, Montepulciano

Lupaia is a lavish resort in the heart of Tuscany, on a hilltop overlooking Montepulciano. It is a renovated stone farmhouse that dates back to the 15th century and has 12 lovely and distinctive guest rooms. Each room has beautiful hand-painted furniture, original artworks, and stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and olive groves. You can enjoy the outdoor pool, the restaurant, the cooking classes, and the wine tasting. Lupaia is a romantic and elegant place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Tuscany.

These are just some of the weirdest hotels in Italy that you can choose from for your next trip. Whether you are looking for history, culture, nature, or fun, you will find a hotel that will make your stay unforgettable. Italy is a country full of surprises and wonders, and these hotels are a reflection of that.